2017 About The Event

The World Junior Squash Championships (“WJC”) is an annual event to determine the best junior squash players in the world.  The Championships comprises three events featuring both men’s and women’s junior individual events which take place together; followed by a Junior Team Championship which alternates between Men’s and Women’s.

The 17th annual event will take place in New Zealand, July 2017:

  • July 19-24 Individual Championships (Women and Men).  Individual Events will comprise 128 players per draws (128 Women, 128 Men).
  • July 25-29 Team Championships (Women).  The Teams Event will host up to 32 international teams.

The Teams Event (3 players) features matches between Member Nations and are the pinnacle competitive and representative opportunity for under-19 age group players around the world.

As well as New Zealand players, international participants are likely to be from: Australia, USA, Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, PNG, France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China/Taipei, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Oceania and beyond.

The World Junior Squash Championships 2017 is being covered by a range of media services.

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