2017 Be Part of the Action

Are you heading to the World Junior Squash Championships 2017 but worried you’ll be left bamboozled by reverse boasts, nicks, strokes and drives? Never fear, being a fan means you’ll soon learn all the terms and trick shots on display by these awesome young juniors.  Whether you are front and centre at the event, tweeting us from Egypt, gramming us with pictures or sharing our facebook posts, we want to make sure your World Squash Championships experience is the best ever.  

Squash is very global with the sport played in 185 nations, by 30+ million people and world champions from every continent so this is your perfect chance to soak up the atmosphere, get amongst the action, unleash your inner squash fan, passion and celebrate your love of squash at this world event.  It will be 10 days of incredible fun!

Watch the live action at the Clubs (Devoy Squash & Fitness Centre Tauranga, Mount Maunganui Squash Club, Te Puke Squash Club).   The Clubs will be free to enter on all match days across the Championship event 19-29 July 2017 providing fans, residents and visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the build-up to matches and join in with the celebration of squash.

Or, witness the squash spectacle on the glass-court housed at the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, Tauranga.  With seating capacity close to 1,000 it’s going to be a fantastic atmosphere. 

If you would like to volunteer as part of the Crew, then find out more here.

The countdown to #wsfworldjuniors2017 begins here!  To keep up with the latest Championship information, sign-up to receive the latest news.