2017 Leaving a Legacy

World sporting events provide us with an opportunity to celebrate the participation and achievements of the best athletes and teams on the planet.  The athletes in the World Junior Squash Championships started as young children and youth with big dreams – now they’re representing their country on the world stage. Someone somewhere inspired them to great things, to be their personal best and to apply themselves to something they enjoyed.  We’re committed to providing a long-term legacy programme which will enhance the experience of squash for all areas of the community.


  • People  
    Increase the capacity of our people and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.
  • Places
    Broaden the diversity of squash communities, expand sport delivery channels and promote facility development that meets the needs of the sport.
  • Products  
    Provide opportunities for more youth to participate in squash through Kiwi Squash programmes and products.
  • Prosperity
    Leverage opportunities to strengthen the squash and Bay of Plenty economies, whilst promoting community pride and cohesion.
  • Fan Development
    Broaden the reach of squash and expose new people to the squash product nationally and globally.
  • Transfer of Knowledge
    Deliver a comprehensive transfer of knowledge programme around the World Junior Squash Championships 2017.


The BOP Major Squash Events Inc have announced details about its Kiwi Squash Legacy Programme and it’s something we are passionate about.  Aimed at Year 5 and Year 6 students, the Programme capitalises on the excitement of squash’s pinnacle event, leaving the sport in a brighter position, in all areas, for future generations.  The Programme will provide students with a unique learning opportunity, provide teachers with tools to create these dreamers and inspire students to be healthy, active participants in lifelong sport and physical activity.

The Kiwi Squash Legacy Programme resources are intended to stimulate both teacher and pupil into a study that involves language, maths, social studies, art, health and well-being.  Aspects of the School Legacy Programme include:

  1.   4-week Kiwi Squash Training Programme in participating schools including expert tuition, detailed lesson plans and equipment
  2.   Adopt-a-nation educational resource
  3.   Design a mascot
  4.   Fun Day
  5.   Club Open Days