Tauranga is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand. Find out what temperatures you can expect during your stay to help plan your itinerary and choose what clothes to bring with you.

We experience four distinct seasons in Tauranga:

SPRING (September – November)
Windy but has mild daytime temperatures of around 24°C, falling to 5°C at night.

SUMMER (December – February)
Warm and dry with temperatures reaching 28°C or more. Overnight temperatures rarely dip below 10°C but thunderstorms can sometimes occur in the evening.

AUTUMN (March – May)
Tends to be our wettest months but temperatures are still mild averaging 21°C during the day and dropping to 4°C at night.

WINTER (June – August)
The coolest time of year to visit, with temperatures averaging 15°C during the day and falling to 1°C or 2°C overnight.  Expect some rain.


If you want to check the weather forecast during your stay, check out the handy Weather Guide in the footer of this website.