2015 Photo Galleries

Tuesday, Team Finals

SP_9313Day NINE, Team FINALS (275 including dinner)

Monday, Teams Day Four

SP_9198Day Eight, Team Semis (100+)

Sunday, Teams Day Three

SP_9107Day Eight, Team Quarter-Finals (245)

Saturday, Teams Day Two

SP_9018Day Seven, Teams Day Two (250)

Friday, Day Six, Teams Day One

SP_8896Day Six, Teams Day One (250)

Thursday, Day FIVE, FINALS Day

SP_8784Day FIVE, FINALS (440 photos)

Wednesday, Day FOUR

SP_8701Day FOUR – semi-finals (245)

Tuesday, Day THREE

SP_8619Day THREE (259 from the quarters)

Monday, Day TWO

SP_8509Day TWO (447)

Sunday, Day ONE


Day ONE (522 photos)

The Day Before, the opening ceremony


Opening Day (165 photos)

Welcome to Eindhoven

a few early snaps of the Hotel and Venue, and of the teams training at SquashTime


Day ZERO – Welcome to Eindhoven

Recent World Junior Highlights

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