Although the ISRF World Junior Team Championship started in 1980 there had been a forerunner operating since 1972. In England it was decided to start a team event to coincide with the British Junior Open, and the first team event was held in April 1973. Four countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Sweden took part at the courts of the National Westminster Bank Sports Ground in South London, playing for a shield presented by the Bank. The event was titled the Junior International Festival.

Every year until 1980 the (unofficial) international festival was staged, gaining in numbers and breadth of International competition. Prior to 1980 there was no individual event to accompany the unofficial team events, which tended to be played in conjunction with existing junior open championships.

Until 2009 the events were held biannually, but since then both individual events have been held annually, with the team event alternating between Boys and Girls.

Recent Highlights:

2016, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

2015, Eindhoven, Netherlands 


2014, Windhoek, Namibia


2013, Wroclaw, Poland

SH17897 SH17898

2012, Doha, Qatar

2011 Boston, USA & Herentals, Belgium

2010 Ecuador & Cologne, Germany

SH17880 SH17881 SH17882

2009 Chennai, India

2008 Zurich, Switzerland

SH17883 SH17884

2007, Hong Kong

SH17887 SH17888

2006, Palmerston North, New Zealand

SH17885 SH17886

2005, Herentals, Belgium

SH17889 SH17890

2004, Islamabad, Pakistan

SH17894 SH17893

2003, Cairo, Egypt

SH17896 SH17895

2002, Chennai, India

SH17892 SH17891