Nouran Gohar: I finally made it !

SH19167The past two weeks were so far the best two weeks in my life …    (from Nouran’s Facebook post)

Winning 2 world champion titles in 10 days is such an unbelievable thing. But without the help and support of many people this couldn’t even be possible.

SH19156First of all I would like to thank my family who came all the way from Cairo to support me and this meant a lot to me . A special thanks to my mum who never failed to make me happy and was always here whenever I needed. You are my biggest inspiration and I don’t need to say how much you mean to me. To my dad who taught me the real meaning of strength and was always holding my back.

SH19172A big thank you to the man who’s holding the trophy. He was always supporting me during my ups and downs and never give up on me during my worst moments. Always giving me the push to succeed and never giving up on my dreams. Omar Abd El Aziz you are the real winner and this title goes to you. Without your help and support I wouldn’t be where I am today. I won’t be able to thank you enough for all what you have done to me.

SH19151Also I need to thank the head coach and sports manager of Wadi Degla Karim Darwish who offered me the facilities and a good environment where I can get the best training. Thank you Karim for your great effort and care.

Also I can’t deny the big support of our national coach c.Ahmed el Matanny who was always encouraging me.

I can’t forget the big role of my fitness coaches Dr.Medhat Esmat my physical coach for the last 10 years and Hossam Shaddad who had a real impact on my footwork and my movement on court. Thank you Dr.Medhat and Hossam a lot.

SH19153Finally, I have to thank Dr.Ahmed Salah who worked with me only one week before the tournament but had made a huge difference.

Concerning the teams event, so far I had the chance to play with the best team. You guys made this event one of the funniest and most memorable week of my life. We were the dream team and succeeded to show the world who’s the BOSS.

I know it took too long but without all these people behind me these titles would only be dreams and I couldn’t be able to say I FINALLY MADE IT.

Nouran Gohar


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