There has been a lot of movement regards the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response the past days, the largest impact has been the global cancellation of events by the WSF/PSA and the 14 day self-isolation around all international travel in Australia and NZ.

Due to these factors and acting in the best interest of participants health we have taken the joint decisions with he Oceania Squash Federation of cancelling the April Oceania Junior Championships and Trans-Tasman Test Match with Australia.
At this stage it will be postponed to a later date possibly in December but this is to be confirmed.

Squash Australia will make 100% refunds on entry fees and more information will follow on this via direct mail to participants.

To keep everyone safe, Squash Australia is recommending a number of precautions to ensure the continued health of all Australians squash participants:

We will require your assistance during this period and would appreciate it if the following instructions could be distributed among teams.

Recommendations and precautions for the Squash community around Australia (subject to local/state conditions that may apply):

1. If you’re sick or unwell consider if you should stay at home to contain any spread of illness – squash can wait a week.

2. Increase the use of hand sanitiser at home or out and about. It would be great if centres/clubs can increase the distribution of sanitiser or wipes.

3. Ensure basic hygiene around washing hands – info sheet attached

4. On the court – do not shake hands, use another form of acknowledgement e.g. foot tap

5. Do not share racquets or towels.

6. Sanitise the ball between matches and your own hands between matches after touching the ball.

7. All door handles should be sanitised regularly.

8. Centres should ensure bathroom facilities are cleaned more regularly and that court door handles are sanitised regularly.

Some useful links:

Ten ways to reduce your risk of coronavirus

Recommended hand hygiene steps to prevent the spread of viruses

Victorian Institute of Sport Athlete Health Check 

Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon.

Richard Vaughan

Chief Executive Officer

Squash Australia


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