What they Said : the FINALS

Hania El Hammamy :

It was heartbreaking playing Jana because she’s a very good friend and its just so hard to play a close friend when you want to win the title so bad.

I had to put our friendship aside when I was on court and I’m glad that I managed to get through it to be finally called world junior champion.

This win is really important for me because I’ve been watching all my favourite players on the PSA Tour and they’ve all won the title at some point.

I was angry that I didn’t win this before and for the past three years I’ve really hoping to win it. There was a lot of pressure on me too and I was also nervous to start because I didn’t want to lose in my last world juniors.


Jana Shiha :

My body was a bit sore from yesterday, having played a five-setter semi-final and I probably wasn’t in the best shape.

But I think I played good overall until the third game where I gave out too many unforced errors.

But I’m happy for Hania. It’s her last world juniors and I’m glad she made it while I still have one more year and hopefully I can win it next year.

Of course playing in this final helped me. The mood and the tension is completely different and now with Hania done with juniors, I believe I’ll be more prepared to win it next year.

Mostafa Asal :

It’s an amazing feeling to win for the second time although I’m happy to return this trophy after a week.

It was a tough game because I was 10-7 down in the first and there was a lot of pressure on me.

I think it always difficult coming into the junior competition being so high ranked on the PSA Tour. The pace is always different and that was something I had to adapt to this week.

But I’m thankful that I was mentally tough today especially in the first game because taking that game was so important for me.

Mostafa Elsirty :

I am thankful for a second place finish after finishing third last year.

It shows progress in my squash and hopefully I’ll come back and win it next year.

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